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Surviving examples of the Judensau in European churches

See also the articles on the Judensau in the English Wikipedia.and the much fuller account in the German Wikipedia. In 2018 a court was set to decide whether one of these should be moved from the church facade to a museum. “Dating from 1305, the Judensau at St Mary’s in Wittenberg depicts a Rabbi holding up the tail of a large pig to inspect its rear while two Jewish children suckle underneath it.”

List of known or surviving examples of the Judensau in churches

These are in Germany, unless otherwise specified where a map shows them concentrated.

Aerschot (Belgium), choir stall, Notre Dame, 16th c.
Bad Wimpfen Ritterstiftskirche St. Peter, 13th c.
Basel (Switzerland), Cathedral, 1432
Bayreuth, Stadtkirche (city church)
Brandenburg, Cathedral, c. 1230
Cadolzburg, outer city gate, 15th c.
Colmar, St. Martin Cathedral, 14th c.
Eberswalde, St. Maria Magdalena, late 13th c.
Erfurt, choir stall, early 15th c.
Gniezno/Gnesen, Cathedral, mid 14th c.
Heiligenstadt, Annakapelle (St. Anne’s Chapel), c. 1300
Heilsbronn, cloister church, 15th c.
Köln, Cathedral, 14th c.
Lemgo, Marienkirche (St. Mary’s) 13th c.
Magdeburg, Cathedral, end of 13th c.
Metz, Cathedral, 14th c.
Nordhausen, 1380
Nuremberg, St. Sebald c. 1320
Regensburg, Cathedral, mid 14th c.
Spalt, near Nürnberg, former Chorherrenstift (choir monastery), 15th c.
Uppsala (Sweden), Cathedral, mid 14th c.
Wittenberg, Stadtkirche (city church), 14th c.
Xanten, Cathedral, c. 1265
Zerbst, Nikolaikirche (St. Nicholas), 15th c.
Vienna (Austria) Neustadt, 15th c. (formerly in a house [chapel] at Hauptplatz 16, now in the City Museum)

Disappeared from:

Anhalt-Köthen, Dessau,
Diesdorf (near Magdeburg),
Frankfurt am Main,
Freising (until 1921, the last reference to it)
Kehlheim (until the 1st half of the 19th c. In a private house, taken down by order of the royal district judge, 1895 once more on the city pharmacy, 1945 probably "removed by order of an officer of the US Army")

Source: Wolfram P. Kastner and Günter Wangerin, "Öffentliche Distanzierung von der 'Judensau' in Cadolzburg: Staatliche Sau-Skulptur erhält einen distanzierenden Kommentar",, 7 January 2003.

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