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State politicians want to cut the millions in subsidies to the churches

The Catholic and Protestant churches receive almost €460 million in subsidies from the German states ― too much, say leading state politicians and in Der Spiegel they are demanding a cut. They are receiving support from Carsten Schneider, the chief budget expert of the [opposition] SPD group in the Bundestag [federal parliament].

Translation of “Landespolitiker wollen Kirchen Millionenzuschüsse kürzen”, Der Spiegel, 24 July 2010 

Update 2010: Discounts for the Church ― EU puts Italy on trial

Under under intense pressure from both the Italian Government and the Vatican, the European Union Commissioner for Competition dropped the matter twice. However the complainants threatened to go before the European Court of Justice, (the court which in 2007 upheld the almost $1 billion penalty against Microsoft). Now the process against Italy for giving unfair tax breaks to the Church is going ahead. (Italian original in La Repubblica, 24 September 2010)

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