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Brazil: AMB statement, 14 August 2009
European Union Accession Treaty (23.9.2003)
Archdiocese of Dublin: no defection, 29 October 2010
Poland: notes on complaint to EU about Church privileges
Turkish secularism

Cemal Karakas
Turkey: Islam and Laicism
Between the Interests of State, Politics, and Society
Peace Research Institute Frankfurt (PRIF) 2007


Notes for “Secret costs of papal trips”
Près de 4 000 policiers pour assurer la sécurité du pape
Notes for Franco's Concordat (1953)
EU legal priority

According to a human rights lawyer European Union laws about discrimination on grounds of religion or belief and on sexual orientation trump national laws:

Portuguese Marriage Protocol (1975)
Notes for Colombia
Public costs for papal entourage, UK 2010

The month before the 2010 papal visit to Britain a bit of information leaked out on the costs to the taxpayer for two days' accomodation of the papal entourage. Nothing is known of the costs involved for the other half of the trip. Here are articles from The Tablet and the Daily Mail.

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