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Law 1114 of 25 December 1942

This was Petain’s Christmas present to the Church. It weakened the Law of Separation by letting the state subsidise the repair of any Church property, and it also permitted church institutions to receive bequests, (such as Church-run homes for the aged). Law 1114 was a gift that keeps on giving.

 Law No.1114 of 25 December 1942, altering the law of 9 December 1905 concerning the separation of the church and state

We, the Marshal of France, Head of the French State,
On the advice of the French Council of State:
And The Council of Ministers [i.e., French Cabinet],
Decree that:

Article 1

Article 19, § 4 of the Law of 9 December 1905 is supplemented by the following clause:

“Religious associations shall be able to receive, under conditions set out by articles 5, 7 and 8 of the laws of 4 February 1901 and 18 July 1941, relative to the administrative supervision regarding cash donations and bequests, legacies and donations inter vivos [between living people] intended to accomplish their purpose [i.e., purposes of the religious associations] or for [other] pious or sectarian expenses.”

Article 2

Article 19, paragraph 6 of the law of 9 December 1905 is similarly modified as follows:

“They [i.e. religious associations] cannot receive state subsidies, administrative départmental subsidies, or commune subsidies in any form. Sums of money allocated for the repair of public buildings designated for worship, whether classified as historical monuments or not, shall not be considered as subsidies.”

Article 3

The present decree shall be published in the Official Journal of the French State and shall come into effect as national law.

Drawn up in Vichy on 25 December 1942.
Ph. Pétain

By the Marshal of France, Head of the French State:

Head of the Government, Minister Secretary of State for the Interior
Pierre Laval

Minister Secretary of State for Justice
Joseph Barthélemy

Secretary of State for the National Economy and Finance
Pierre Cathala



"Loi no. 1114 du 25 décembre 1942 portant modification de la loi de 9 décembre relative a la séparation des églises et de l'État", Journal Officiel de l'État Français: Lois et Décrets, 2 janvier 1943.

Translated by Dr. David Holohan

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